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Uses and Benefits of Pasteurisation

Calf milk and colostrum pasteurisation is one of the most important things you can do to maintain the health of your calves.

The process of heating milk and colostrum to 60°C has been shown time and time again to greatly reduce the presence of pathogens responsible for a whole range of illnesses, while retaining the nutrients and other health-giving properties of milk.

In combatting herd diseases, the first measure you should take, alongside increased hygiene, is to pasteurise calf milk and colostrum. Doing so will allow you to ‘break the chain’ of many illnesses, stopping them from being passed across generations.

Diseases that pasteurisation is proven to help prevent include

The ability to remove these diseases from milk gives you an essential tool in effectively and affordably feeding your calves from your own herd, while greatly reducing the risk of cross-infection.

Colostrum is essential for newborn calves

Without it, they have no antibodies to give them resistance to local diseases. Without pasteurisation, the colostrum can transmit any pathogens the dam carries, leaving your calves open to the risk of Johne’s disease, tuberculosis, and more.

Pasteurising your cattle’s colostrum has been proven to break down the pathogens responsible for passing on these diseases, while keeping the antibodies that are vital for your calves’ well being.

At G Shepherd Animal Health,  we’ve taken great care to provide a complete range of the very best in calf milk pasteurisation and colostrum pasteurisation products. We can provide you with everything you need to ensure your calves are fed with the optimum milk for their health and wellbeing.

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