Life Guard Calf Electrolyte sachets
Life Guard Calf Electrolyte sachets 

Life Guard Calf Electrolyte sachets

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“Life-Guard” Electrolyte for Calves - 

A high specification electrolyte powder for mixing with water. The resulting dietetic feed is to be used for stabilisation of water, acid-base and electrolyte balances in scouring calves. Also containing charcoal and kaolin to bind bugs, toxins and some fluid.

This is a very popular product.


Mix 1 sachet thoroughly with 2 L warm water. Do not feed mixed with milk.

Day 1– No milk. 2L electrolyte solution twice or three times daily depending on calf size and degree of dehydration and depression. The calf may be fed using a feeding tube by a trained person if it does not drink, but has a suck reflex. If a calf does not have a suck reflex, then Veterinary attention is vital, as the calf may require intravenous fluids and other treatment.

Day 2–            a.m.    2L electrolyte,

                        Noon– 1 L of milk, not within 4 hours of an electrolyte feed.

                        p.m.  - 2 L electrolyte.

 Also allow access to clean drinking water.

It is recommended that veterinarians opinion is sought before use.

Peter Barrett 24/04/2024

Your Life Guard electrolyte sachets are very good! We had a very sick scouring calf, used the Life Guard and it was up and drinking the next morning.

John Carr Jr. , Lancs 22/03/2024

That Kryptic Pro definately helped with our Rotavirus scour in our calves. Mixed into the milk , the diarrhoea problem started to wane in a few days. We gave Life Guard electrolyte as a midday electrolyte feed to help keep the calves hydrated.

RMP Farm Ltd. 21/04/2023

Some of our calves have been a bit flat and this just perks them up and gets them going - highly recommended

Elizabeth Silverthorne 19/05/2022

With poorly calves Life Guard is an essential aid to their recovery. It is an excellent product and it gives us peace of mind. Shepherd Agri (G Shepherd Animal Health) provides an efficient service, with extremely helpful staff and I do and will recommend them to anyone in the farming community. We are very grateful for their service.

M. Parris 15/05/2022

It does the job very well

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