RehydroGEL Calf Electrolyte Liquid 1 litre or 5L refill

RehydroGEL Calf Electrolyte Liquid 1 litre or 5L refill

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Now also available as a 5 litre refill., select in the 'Options'. The unique formulation balances milk or milk replacer to make it combat dehydration and acidosis, and also keep the calf nourished. The features of this UK developed and manufactured calf diarrhoea electrolyte are:-

  • EASY TO USE. Use the measuring dispenser on the bottle to add 50ml RehydroGEL to the milk feed of 2 to 3 litres of milk or milk replacer. Feed for two days, or longer if required.
  • ECONOMICAL. 1 litre bottle makes 20 feeds. Working out at a maximum of £1.33 per feed. the 5 litre refil is 100 feeds @ £1.07 each feed
  • ADD TO MILK OR MILK REPLACER , unlike some other similar products that can only be added to milk, or Sachets with sodium bicarbonate, that should only be added to water. Allow the calf access to clean drinking water.
  • ADVANTAGES- easy and the proper nutrition from the milk keeps the gut cells healthier which is important. Although  most sachets that mix with water have dextrose, this is not the complex nutrition that the cells need. Also the amino acids in the milk or replacer help the rehydration process.
  • EFFECTIVE- RehydroGEL helps reverse dehydration and acidosis that occurs in gut disturbances (scours).
  • THE CALF does better as it has been fed better through the period of having the disturbed guts.

HOWEVER, if a calf will not drink its ReydroGEL-mix, then do not tube feed it with the milky mix, but seek Vet advice , which likely will include stomach tubing with a water based electrolyte.

IMPORTANT- Calves with no suck reflex will likely need intravenous fluid therapy, so obviously, call the Vet!

Donna Bowe 22/04/2022

We are currently using RehydroGel on calves displaying first signs of scour, administered in half its normal milk feed (alongside a jab of prescribed antibiotic), seems to be working for us.

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