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Sheep Health Care Products


Sheep health care is an issue of obvious concern to many farmers and shepherds. Taking good care of your flock is essential to healthy animals and a profitable farm. We provide all the products you need to keep your sheep in good health, to help prevent illness, illthrift & lameness. We  make the very best products, providing nutrition, disinfection and supplementation, and we're proud manufacturers of some of the best lamb colostrums available.

At G Shepherd Animal Health, we carry an extensive range of sheep health care products. With our background in veterinary service and livestock care, we are able to assess the quality and effectiveness of every product on the market, meaning we can offer you the very best of what's available. We're always happy to help you keep your sheep in the best health possible, so please do explore our Health Info Centre, or give us a call on +44 (0)1772 690131 and we'll talk you through any questions.