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TK Swordsman Disinfectant 5kg

TK Swordsman Disinfectant 5kg

Brand: G Shepherd Animal Health
Product Code: TK Swordsman 5kg

£98.40 inc VAT £82.00 ex VAT

Kills Crypto, Cryptosporidium, Oocysts , Bacteria, Viruses & Ringworm fungi.
For use on calf, sheep & other livestock housing as a disinfectant

Prevention is better than cure. Whether calving, lambing or calf-rearing thorough attention to achieving maximum hygiene can be a bit of a Cinderella job on some units - a chore that no-one relishes doing.

But just because disease microbes are out of sight, they musnt be out of mind. Infections are waiting for the first opportunity to strike stock. 

Treating accommodation with effective disinfectants is the only way to reduce the risk of multiple serious disease problems. The calf pen, floor walls and all equipment needs disinfecting.

TK Swordsman is a wide-spectrum effective disinfectant that kills a range of farm disease organisms.

COVERAGE:-  5 litres of TK Swordsman covers approximately 1000 square metres at the stronger 1:30 "Crypto" dilution.

TK Swordsman is particularly valuable in being effective against cryptosporidium, the commonest cause of calf scours and a particularly tough disease to control.

This is because the Crypto ‘spores’ remain an infection risk in the environment for up to six months and their tough outer wall is resistant to regular disinfectants.

Eating or drinking as few as ten Crypto spores, known as “oocysts” can cause a calf to get scours, and without effective hygiene billions can be present, all totally invisible to the naked eye.

Testing carried out at Moredun, the Edinburgh animal health institute, has proved that TK Swordsman is effective against Cryptosporidium.

TK Swordsman Disinfectant is also European Standard tested to kill other high-risk organisms including E. coli, Salmonella, Staph. aureus, ringworm, and infectious yeasts. 

TK Swordsman is available in 5 litre containers available through farm health distributors, contact us on 01772 690131 for your nearest stockist.

G Shepherd Animal Health also delivers direct to farmers. Free next-day on-farm delivery is available either using the 24-hour online form or by calling us on 01772 690131.


TK Swordsman is designed to be a powerful, bacteriocide whilst also being effective against endoparasites especially Oocysts.

·         Highly effective against CRYPTOSPORIDIUM  Oocysts. UK proven at Moredun Scientific.

.         Also proven by EN1656 testing to kill E.coli, Salmonella, Staph aureus, Ringworm fungi, Yeasts

·         Dual action: Disinfectant and parasite control in one application

·         Offers maximum contact time when applied as foam

·         High level of surface activity maximises coverage and penetration.

.         Greatly reduces infections in animal rearing.

How to use TK SWORDSMAN Disinfectant:-

Step 1) The area being cleaned must be completely cleaned of organic matter. making sure to remove dried in dung and straw and to make sure to pay particular attention to corners and angles between walls, ceilings and floors.

Step 2) We advise using a Caustic Foam Cleaner, such as "Inciprop Extra".

Step 3) Rinse & allow the area to dry thoroughly.

Step 4) Dilute TK SWORDSMAN Disinfectant at the desired rate (1:30 for OOCYSTS, 1:100 for general purpose disinfection).

Step 5) Use a power washer fitted with a foaming lance . Avoid excess application as this can result in premature downward drift that will reduce contact time.

Step 6) Allow minimum contact time of 12 hours . No need to rinse, but get rid of puddles and allow to dry.


TK Swordsman Disinfectant MSDS, please see "documentation " tab

Although TK Swordsman is a very effective disinfectant for farms, outbreaks of infection can still occur, and as treatment for cryptosporidium and treatment for calf scour in general is difficult all other precautions should be taken against infecting other animals and humans.

Calf Scour or calf diarrhoea is loose dung that has nutritional or infectious causes. It can be mild or severe and can even cause death due to dehydration and acidosis. The diarrhoea is usually yellow, watery and may have blood in it

Calf Scours can be contagious to other animals and humans, so alway use good hygiene. Wash hands, dont eat or drink in the calf house, use disinfectant footbaths etc.

Possible causes of calf scour or calf diarrhoea are cryptosporidium, e.coli, salmonella, coronavirus, rotavirus, some of which are contagious to people.

Calves should not be given antibiotic treatment like calf bolus, unless prescribed by your veterinary surgeon. By only using antibiotics or antimicrobibials when needed, we can prevent the problem of AMR, or antimicrobial resistance.

It is difficult to treat cryptosporidium in calves.

Signs of cryptosporidium in calves are a watery diarrhoea, with or without blood, resulting in dehydration, depression and sometimes death. It is more severe as a mixed infection, often with rotavirus or coronavirus.

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