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TK Everyday Cattle Footbath Concentrate

TK Everyday Cattle Footbath Concentrate

Brand: G Shepherd Animal Health
Product Code: TK Everyday

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Cattle footbath concentrate for regular use.

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TK EveryDay Cattle Footbath Concentrate

“No foot, no horse” runs one old saying and for today’s dairy cows lameness caused by the multi-bacterial disease Digital Dermatitis is impacting directly on the financial performance of dairy farms.

A recent veterinary study covering 61 dairy herds showed that 28% of dairy cows were exhibiting lameness, as measured by having an impaired mobility score. No herds in the study were free from lameness and Digital Dermatitis was identified as a primary cause of lameness.

In addition to animal welfare standards the financial impact on the farm results directly from the Digital Dermatitis causing reduced milk yields and longer calving intervals.

TK Everyday Cattle Footbath is a formulation of bactericidal organic acids with added surfactants and Tea Tree Oil designed to be used as a regular foot bath solution for cows to use as part of a good hoof health and hygiene regime.  

To control Digital Dermatitis (it seems to be  impossible to eliminate) as thoroughly as possible a combination of measures is needed included ensuring the best possible hygiene in housing areas, promptly treating infected cows to reduce the reservoir of infection, and regular footbathing to prevent spread of infection. All three must be diligently applied, with every cow going through the footbath solution twice a day ideally or once a day as a minimum.

TK Everyday Cattle Footbath is available in 25 litre and 200 litre drums, and also 1000 litre IBCs and is available through farm health distributors, contact us on 01772 690131 for your nearest stockist.

DILUTE at 2%  IN CLEAN WATER for the first week, followed by dilution at 1% there after.

G Shepherd Animal Health also delivers direct to farmers. Free next-day on-farm delivery is available either using the 24-hour online form or by calling us on 01772 690131.

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A great atlas of photos of bovine hoof

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