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Uterine Torsion or Twisted Calfbed.

Uterine Torsion or Twisted Calfbed.

Uterine torsion is where the womb/uterus/calfbed twists near the cervix , thus preventing a normal birth.

This may not ne easy to recognise as a normal calving pattern does not follow.

Veterinary intevention is required to untwist the calfbed or perform a caesarian operation.

It can occur in all breeds of cattle, both beef and dairy cows.

Predisposing factors are a large calf and exessive cow activity (e.g.running).

The literature states that uterine torsion affecta 0.5 to 1% of calvings, however a swiss vet practice should the prevalence to be 3.6%. 

This represented half of all their interventions at calving!

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