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COBALTcomplete System

COBALTcomplete System

Brand: G Shepherd Animal Health
Product Code: System

A tailor-made system for giving your flock the trace elements they need, everyday!

Ovipower COBALTcomplete components:-

+/- 2 Ovi-Power Drenches- with & without copper- Vitamins and minerals in a liquid seaweed base.

+/- Copper needle capsule, or 4 g. every 6 months

+/- LAMBpower bolus providing High Cobalt with Selenium lasts same duration as the drench = 8 weeks

+/- EWEpower bolus providing High Cobalt with Selenium lasts a year

+/- Selenium and Iodine bolus every 6 months

Lambs can be given the supplements before weaning and then again at weaning to carry them through to going fat. Example cost is £1 for drench and bolus twice.

Replacement females (and tup prospects) can be put on the ewe regime

Ewes (and Rams) usually on annual Ewe Bolus +/- Copper capsule &/or Se/I every 6 months

Drench twice plus annual bolus for a 75kg ewe costs £2.40 per year, not per dose and you get long lasting cobalt.

Usually, if the soil and pasture are good, there is no need for mineral buckets.

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