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First Thirst "Super Lamb" Colostrum Powder -UK ONLY

First Thirst "Super Lamb" Colostrum Powder -UK ONLY

Brand: G Shepherd Animal Health
Product Code: 250g

(Tax Exempt) £36.00

This is 100% pure, full-fat COLOSTRUM.
Nothing Added, Nothing Taken Away!
Very popular and effective. Ideal for high value and pedigree lambs.
I only deal with sales and you can always contact me to add new lines..


10 feeds / 250g sachet of PURE powdered colostrum supplement giving 10 x 25g feeds. Mix 25g with warm water to make 150ml of feed. Give by teat or feeder tube as soon as possible after birth , the amount is according to the lambs size and whether it has sucked. This can be assessed by lifting the lamb by the front legs to assess beely-fill. If in any doubt about amounts or method of feeding or tubing, get advice form a trained  person experienced in these matters- e.g. a farm vet.

Because it is PURE colostrum- nothing added, nothing taken away, it is much stronger than other diluted products.

Also it is full-fat for energy, but as a result it definately needs water at 40 dgree C to mix it. Remember!- "If it mixes like amb milk replacer, it's probably mostly lamb milk replacer!"

Basically, you get what you pay for!  Super-Lamb works out at £3.60 per feed


Here is a review from Katie Summerfield;-

We have been using various makes of dried lamb colostrum over the years and found a surprising inconsistency with the results, some with dire outcomes.  We were shocked  at the amount of ‘fillers’ added to the main brands of colostrum, with some even being marketed as an alternative to colostrum, after reading the labels closely we were unsure of what the total amount of actual colostrum was  in it.  We needed to source a pure dried 100% pure and safe product with no other fillers bulking it out.

This is the first year we have tried ‘First Thirst Super Lamb Colostrum’ and we have been thrilled with the results.  We have had a couple of occasions of where ewes have lambed with no milk on them for a couple of hours, or when the lambs were a little weak.  When you know you only have a few hours to get things right it’s imperative to get a quality feed into them as soon as possible.  You only get one chance to get it right.  

The lambs that wehave fed with the new colostrum have done fantastically well.  We whole heartedly recommend this product as a success and we will definitely buy more for the next lambing season.

NJ and KM Summerfield (Summerfields Border Leicesters)

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